Find out how Net Natives used global research expertise, student-specialist strategy and a bold creative vision to reinvent the Study in Sweden brand, The Swedish Way.

Net Natives were commissioned by Study in Sweden, the national agency for the promotion of higher education in Sweden (which represents more than 40 universities) to an international audience, to conduct a comprehensive brand audit and end to end rebrand. The changes in the digital landscape, student mindsets and increased sophistication and competition in the market highlighted a critical need for a major update.

Study in Sweden
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Here's the scoop

"Sweden is simply becoming more recognised as a study destination. Students enjoy studying and living in Sweden but it takes time to for a country to build a reputation as a study destination and to build word of mouth among students and alumni. It takes time to for a country to build a reputation as a study destination." 
Douglas Washburn
Senior Marketing Manager, Swedish Institute

Natives began with surveying and interviewing over 6,000 students from around the world, as well as key brand stakeholders. The themes explored, ranging from the classroom to the broader cultural aspects, gave us an expansive picture of the most distinctive and compelling aspects of the study experience.

Our approach was to position the brand as a challenger in the space, with a bold and distinctive proposition unlike anything in the market, driven by robust qualitative and quantitative market research.

And the results?

Students' voices led the way. Themes of equality, freedom, inclusiveness and sustainability became the new building blocks of the brand - complimenting established trends of informality, critical thought, non-hierarchical classroom culture and innovation, that students looked for in an institution. 'The Swedish Way’ was forged, creating a space to be bold, disruptive and provocative but also inclusive and welcoming. Through a number of workshops, focus groups and presentations at key milestones, we ensured that all voices were heard and the brand could be owned by all. 

As Douglas Washburn, Marketing Manager of the Swedish Institute says:

"We think that we’ve done something together that’s unique in the higher education space. It’s been a wonderful journey that we’ve been on and it’s definitely been worth the wait and all the work."