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Market Research

When it comes to allocating resources, your leaders are looking for data to support your requests for everything from starting new degree programs to targeting new audiences. Whether it's market mapping or building brand awareness, our team offers a suite of services to assist with your data needs.

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Enrollment Strategy

Without a solid enrollment strategy, finding and attracting prospective students can feel daunting. Enter our team of experts. Whether it's doing a deep-dive analysis into your current processes and procedures or taking a closer look at your current prospective student journey, we're here to help you supercharge your enrollment strategy and maximize your ROI.

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Creative Strategy

When it comes to the content you use to promote your university, you want it to captivate your prospects and create a connection. Whether it's helping you develop a full creative concept or developing a killer infographic to grab your audience's attention, our skilled team is here to help you turn your ideas into the resources you need to meet your recruitment goals.

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Smart advertising decisions are a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting precious time and money on marketing methods that aren't the right fit for your goals. From digital marketing to enrollment attribution, our team offers the services you need to generate leads, create meaningful connections — and most importantly, make the most of your marketing dollars.

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Work smarter — not harder. That's the logic behind our technology products, which utilize our Akero platform. An easy-to-use, subscription-based platform, Akero is a seamless technology that creates synergy among your advertising, landing pages, and CRM. It's the tool you’ve been looking for to boost performance, and bridge the gap between your marketing and admissions teams.

The Details

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Audience (CRM) Analysis

Unleash the power of your CRM data. Owning a CRM is not enough; you must harness its full potential. As part of this analysis, our team will look at your CRM's data and help you identify conversion hotspots and choke points — providing you with valuable insights needed to maximize the value of your CRM and optimize your results.

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Brand Awareness Tracking

Uncover your brand's impact. Unsure how your brand resonates with your audience? Let our team investigate. We offer an in-depth analysis of brand awareness, engagement, and perception among your target market. By benchmarking against competitors, we deliver valuable insights to optimize your ROI. Trust us to provide the snapshot you need for brand success.

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Competitive Analysis

Blow the competition away. Understanding what your competitors bring to the table is key to crafting a killer marketing strategy. Our team will analyze how your academic programs compare to your key competitors, highlighting your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities — and providing you with the information you need to crush your enrollment goals.

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Market Mapping

Knowing your target markets matters. If you haven't done your homework regarding which markets you should be targeting for specific academic programs, it's time to start — now. Our team will work with you to uncover where you'll have the most opportunity for growth and maximizing your marketing ROI. Plus, you'll get the scoop on strategies to recruit your ideal students from your best-bet markets.

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Perception Studies

Gain insights, shape success. Perception shapes reality, so being uninformed about public opinion hampers progress. Our expert team excels in gathering crucial information to help you triumph. Through surveys, focus groups, and extensive research, we uncover perspectives of students, faculty/staff, and alumni about your institution. Armed with these insights, we provide actionable recommendations to enhance marketing, target key audiences, and strategically invest to reshape perceptions.

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Messaging that makes a mark. It's the ultimate goal in your marketing strategy. Invest in insightful research to effectively connect with your ideal prospective students. Our persona-focused analysis enhances your audience segments, revealing motivations and challenges. With this knowledge, craft messaging that genuinely engages and resonates with your target audiences, ensuring a lasting impact.

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Program Viability Reporting

Make informed investment decisions. Don't risk funds on a new academic program without proper evaluation. Our team analyzes various factors, including the current education and employment landscape, to determine the program's viability now and in the future. With our insights, you'll gain the knowledge needed to position your program strategically and advance towards your enrollment goals.

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Marketing and Admissions Audits

Knowledge is power. This service enlists the help of our experts for a thorough on-campus review of your marketing and admissions strategies. The team will do a deep-dive examination of your enrollment funnel, advertising, tech, website, CRM, Google Analytics, and creative. Then, we'll deliver a plan to improve ROI and supercharge your processes and procedures.

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Student Journey Mapping

First impressions matter. So, take the time to ensure your prospective student journey is smooth sailing by bringing our team in for a consultation. We'll learn about your recruitment/conversion processes and the technology you use to support them. Then, we'll share our strategies for success — and for getting the most bang for your enrollment management buck.

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Nurture Campaigns

Save time and maximize quality. Work directly with our team to develop captivating email nurture campaigns for your prospective students. Using insights from a Student Journey Mapping consultation, we'll collaborate with you to create a custom communications plan that converts.

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Creative Concepting

Command their attention. When it comes to the creative you use for your institution, ensure that it connects and resonates with your prospects by bringing in the expertise of our creative team. We'll research what's working and what's not, providing you with two proposal options to choose from. Once you've selected the best fit, we'll provide you with a fully developed set of motion and static visuals, messaging and content guidance, and a range of mockups to illustrate your concept in action.

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Creative Production

Let us bring your vision to life. Our dedicated creative team is at your service, ready to elevate your brand. Whether you require captivating campaign production, stunning photography, engaging videography, or compelling copywriting, our comprehensive suite of services has the perfect solution for your distinct creative requirements.

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Content Marketing

Killer content is key to success. Your marketing content needs to grab — and hold — the attention of your prospective students. But, creating captivating content like engaging articles and infographics can be a challenge. Enter our creative team. Whether it's shorter listicles or quizzes and games, we're here to develop the custom content you need to meet your marketing goals.

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Advertising & Lead Generation

Elevate your admissions and recruitment efforts with our lead generation solutions. Our targeted campaigns connect you with prospective students who are actively seeking educational opportunities. Say "goodbye" to wasting time on unqualified leads. Let us handle the heavy lifting of lead generation, allowing you to focus on building meaningful connections and enrolling the best-fit students for your institution.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximize your online recruitment and enrollment success with our conversion rate optimization service. Our experts analyze user behavior, optimize key elements, and implement data-driven strategies to boost conversion rates. Partner with us and experience a boost in conversions, enrollment numbers, and overall success for your institution.

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Student Marketplace

Capture your audience's attention during crucial moments with AI-powered content targeting across the digital landscape. Our Student Marketplace leverages natural language processing, sentiment recognition, and extensive proprietary data to ensure your ads are displayed alongside highly relevant content. With guaranteed performance, command the attention your ads deserve.

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Supercharge your marketing efforts with our Akero platform — a one-stop solution designed to maximize your marketing dollars and drive conversions. With an annual license, you gain access to our proprietary platform, including training and support services, research dashboards, customizable builders for forms, landing pages, email templates, automation workflows, inquiry management, and student recruitment pipelines. Unlock endless possibilities, track performance, and convert more with ease!

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Enrollment Attribution

Don't ignore the importance of selecting the right marketing mix. Connect our Akero platform to your CRM for enrollment attribution integration. By tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of each marketing touchpoint, you'll gain valuable insights into which strategies are successfully engaging your prospective students. With this information, you can allocate your marketing resources where they will have the most impact and maximize your enrollment efforts.