When people hear "small" they often think "less." But being smaller in the university space is no bad thing...

...especially for support, a sense of community, a personalized experience and a unique social offering. At Bishop Grosseteste University, their size is their strength. So we harnessed the big idea of the little things with our campaign ‘Go Small, Get More.’

To truly understand this campaign, we need to look at it in context. 2020 changed the way we think about public spaces; suddenly, vast cityscapes and sprawling metropolises weren’t desirable destinations, and all many people really wanted was a bit of peace and quiet. The same can be said for students. ​

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The Approach

We wanted to address this shift in perception and position BGU as a place that gives students the space they need to relax, recharge and grow, away from the stresses that the last year has brought.

We championed the sense of safety by highlighting the lasting sense of community among students, the unique social offering, and, crucially, the amount of personal space available.

"From a copy perspective, we wanted to be as clear as possible about what ‘Go Small, Get More’ means, so we came up with this great pairing device that said it all in as few words as possible. More of what you want, less of what you don’t. More first name basis, less forgetting faces. More room to breathe, fewer crowds.

These concepts were grounded by some really strong proof points supporting the student experience, teaching quality and beautiful green spaces BGU provides, helping to drive the overarching message home in a way that speaks to the current student mindset.”

George Metcalf, Copywriter, Net Natives

And the results?

The campaign resonated with BGU’s audience and communicated who they are and what they offer in a succinct and fun way. So much so, the institution is currently recording 28%+ for applications compared to the same point in the last cycle.

Award-winning campaign

Best Automation Project

Bishop Grosseteste University and Net Natives were shortlisted for Best Automation Project at the AI & Machine Learning Awards