Student retention: How can universities fight drop out?

UK university students have gone through unprecedented turmoil throughout 2020. From the government A-level u-turn, to racial injustices and discrimination, leading to the necessary rise of the BLM movement, to the strain that the pandemic has put on academic pressures. 

In this session, we delve into our research to examine whether students currently feel supported, how likely they are to drop out and what can be done to avoid this. We will also be looking at whether factors such as gender, ethnicity and socio-economic factors are having an adverse effect, as well as guidance and recommendations for the HE sector on how to help and support students during this time. 

Some of your questions answered:

  • Where are universities now, and what are the current challenges they face in terms of student retention?
  • How have students been impacted by the events of 2020?
  • What are socio-economic, ethnicity and gender factors you must consider in terms of drop-out, and how institutions can support these students?

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