The student insights: Feminism, gender identity, and stereotypes:

Today, feminism and gender equality is at the forefront of so many conversations, like never before. Women are breaking through glass ceilings, leading the way in medicine, finance and technology. There’s been progression, but feminism still proves to be a polarising concept.

We conducted a survey of over 200 students to find out what gender and feminism mean to them. With stereotypes playing a key role in students' decision making on campus, it's pivotal to find out how they feel about these concepts, and what institutions can do to rectify the stereotypes.

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  • Two in five male, and one in five female, students wrongly believe that feminism promotes women's issues over men's issues.
  • Approximately 15% of students say they have experienced sexism at university, but up to 70% don't know if there is somewhere they can report these incidents.

What you can expect to see inside:

  • A deep dive into students' perceptions of gender and equality regarding human rights
  • The perceived disconnect between feminism and equality among your students 
  • Sexism on campus and the necessary support tactics
  • The next steps to take to dismantle damaging gender stereotypes