Want to learn more about the NY higher education landscape? Watch the Student State of the State Webinar.

The State of the State report looks at the current and future state of higher education in New York state, focusing on college enrollment trends, the health of colleges across the state and employment opportunities for graduates.

This webinar examines the current and future state of higher education in New York state by focusing on the following:

  • College enrollment trends
  • Health of colleges across the state 
  • Employment opportunities for graduates 

 By understanding the labor market, opportunities and competition, you can develop the best strategy to reach your audience.


high school students graduated in 2019, which is estimated to be the peak of high school graduates


of students interested in graduate school cited "increasing earning potential" as their biggest motivation

In NY,

Healthcare, finance and educational services are more prevalent than the national average

To create this webinar, we pulled together multiple data sources to build a picture of the state of higher education in New York, including primary insight into student mindset and behavior from sources unique to Net Natives.

These insights will deepen your knowledge of the education system in New York, but how will you use that knowledge to create compelling content that targets your prospective students? That's where Akero comes in. 

 Akero's Audience Opportunity Analysis combines student demographic data from your enrollment CRM  with external data sets to identify the opportunities to target new and existing audiences. This tool will allow you to become more data-driven in your campaign targeting by unlocking the insight contained within your own student records.