Retargeting is essential to every student marketer’s digital strategy. And with the death of the cookie looming, it’s going to get a whole lot harder. That’s where programmatic comes in.

Programmatic ad buying uses AI to analyze user behavior, producing real-time results to inform ad campaigns. In a nutshell, programmatic allows you to reach and connect with an already engaged audience. 

Start with the data

First party cookies will continue to exist, so keep investing in data initiatives. Apple, Safari and Firefox are already third-party cookieless, so get prepared and use them as a testing ground for when Google finally makes the move. And don’t panic, there is still time to plan - download our Student Marketer’s Guide to Cookies for more on how to get ready for this change.

Content is key

Students are increasingly seeking differentiation. Using specific challenges, strengths and weaknesses to your target students will allow you to better connect these groups. Overlay targetted ads with context, moments and occasions will help your advertising stand out in their minds.

Retargetting will then help you disrupt and cut through at the right time, and create powerful emotional connections, with the helping hand of data to understand what content really hits the mark with your potential students. Drive meaningful action when it matters. Understand students’ barriers and motivations and nudge them along their journey, breaking down those final barriers and converting them through to enrollment.

But context is everything

Contextual advertising provides a way to make a meaningful connection with your potential students, and reach high-intent prospects without violating their need for privacy online. Retargeting your ads in this way is a vital ingredient for your media mix, enabling them to be displayed near relevant content at the right time and making the most of your marketing budget. 

New innovations in contextual advertising allow you to better engage your prospective students. From natural language processing - making sure the content is relevant to your brand - to emotional tone detection, this highly-tuned targeting ensures your ads are always served in the right places. Meaning more traffic to your sites, and more conversions.

Right place, right time

Getting the content and context right is just the first step. You need to make sure your ads are actually reaching your prospective students. And the easiest way to do this is through using a specialist student advertising platform such as Akero.

Akero’s Student Marketplace is the only specialist ecosystem specifically curated for the global prospective student audience. Using data points from billions of successful student enrollment campaigns and cutting-edge programmatic technology to serve the right adverts to the right audience at the right time. Meaning more students engaging with your content, more enrollments and improved ROI.

To learn more about programmatic retargeting, get in touch today to talk to our experts about your future campaign strategies.