“What's everyone else doing?” 

Do you ever find yourself wondering what priorities and challenges your marketing peers are facing across the higher education sector? We’ve got the perfect initiative to help you find out.

The latest Higher Education Marketing Survey (HEMS) is here, brought to you by Net Natives and Times Higher Education, to offer you the insight you need to supercharge your marketing intelligence.

This year, we’ll be investigating how institutions and marketers spread budget across programs and schools, and deal with brand and direct response, domestic and international, and channel vs. channel. The final report will also help you better understand how your peers tackle similar challenges, and will empower you to make smarter and savvier decisions when it comes to budgets, strategies, and priorities.

On a broader scale, the insight from the HEMS will arm higher ed marketing professionals with the required information and data to have those tougher conversations around budget allocation, prioritizing  workload, and making the case for additional resources. 

But, we can’t do it without you.

Over the past two years, hundreds of higher education marketers have taken part in this industry resource — that’s what makes it a success! By participating in HEMS, you have the chance to enter a drawing to win a $/£100 gift card of your choice. Plus, once the data is collected, we’ll be compiling it into an interactive dashboard with year-on-year analysis. Talk about win-win.

Take part in the survey HERE. It’s completely anonymous, and only takes about 15 minutes. (And if you’re curious about what we learned from the last HEMS, you can check it out HERE.)