Half of Clearing students in the U.K. are only contacting one institution. That’s just one piece of information from the annual Net Natives Clearing Survey that was revealed to partners at recent launch events held in London and Manchester in November. 

Every year, Net Natives works with university partners from across the U.K. to learn about their students’ experience with the annual Clearing process. (Clearing is an opportunity for students in the U.K. to secure a place at university outside of the traditional UCAS cycle.)  

Over 3,700 respondents across 107 institutions took part in this year’s survey. Although the full National Clearing Survey report won’t be available to everyone until February 2023, here is a sneak peek at some key findings: 

  • Students are less likely to share their data, with only 17.3% downloading or requesting a prospectus in 2022 vs. 43% in 2019.
  • Half of Clearing students are only contacting one institution, meaning universities need to be on students’ radars long before A-Level Results Day.
  • Cost of living has consistently been the biggest barrier for the last three years for approximately 50% of respondents.
  • Parents are still the biggest influencer in selecting an institution. But, friends, teachers, and vloggers are also playing a big role.

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