We are very pleased to announce Net Natives have been shortlisted for the Conference Awards - Best Hybrid Event category for our flagship event, Think Student Live.

Think Student Live is Net Natives’ flagship event for student marketers, and after two virtual events during the Covid pandemic we decided to return in 2021 with a new hybrid form, with the aim of inspiring, motivating and informing those in the sector to be bold and innovative with their student advertising, marketing and brand positioning.

Think Student Live 2021 was our first ever hybrid event, and we took this approach for a multitude of reasons. Our main objective was to ensure maximum event reach, engagement and attendance during an unpredictable and evolving landscape. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we knew people would be less likely to commit to an in-person event. We were also excited by the opportunities a hybrid event would create. Whether due to location, disability or preference, live events are not always suitable. By providing a seamless virtual option, we made this event accessible and inclusive to all.

Early on, we realised we would need to build an integrated event app so that both audiences could interact with each other and the speakers via the platform chat function in real-time. This was key to the success of the event and bringing our audiences together, as it meant that all our delegates were connecting via the platform, whether at home or at the venue using their phone app. We went paper-free at the event so that all the event information, agenda, etc. was only available via the app, encouraging our delegates to use it as much as possible. 

Where traditionally physical events have been great at building engagement, virtual events have been seen as a slightly dry and detached ‘second best’ option. We wanted to bring this creative, fun, ‘live event’ feeling to our virtual audience, by integrating online and offline elements such as providing cocktails at the venue to our in-person delegates while our online delegates enjoyed cocktails delivered to their home. 

One of the main objectives we wanted to achieve with the hybrid approach was to make both our in-person and virtual audiences feel connected. We achieved this through our online platform and app, where both physical and virtual audiences could view the agenda, interact through the chat function and ask questions that would be fed back to the panellists. This gave both our audiences the same level of engagement, bringing delegates together to achieve a cohesive hybrid experience.

We’re excited to kick off the 2022 Think Student Live events later this fall, and if you want to stay ahead of any updates or ticket announcements, sign up to our newsletter where you’ll be the first to know.