A report into students, representation and advertising

Students are one of the most diverse consumer groups, so why are they not accurately represented in advertising? We conducted a deep-dive survey of nearly 700 students to find out how they feel about representation in advertising, and the impact this has on the brands aimed at them. 

Did you know, brands that include diversity in their campaigns are more likely to be successful, and students are more likely to buy from them. But, students don't just want to see a token minority in advertising; they want to be represented throughout your campaigns.

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When asked to describe a typical person in advertising, students said the following:

"Female, 20-30s, white, thin usually healthy weight, sometimes too thin in beauty ads, straight hair, generally attractive features. clear skin, carefree, outgoing."
"It's always just a cis white male, isn't it."
"I always see pretty white girls with a sprinkle of token black girls. We need other people of color."

Three key findings:

  1. Just one in five students say they feel represented in advertising. 
  2. Students don't want to see a stereotypical version of themselves or feel like their ethnicity is a token inclusion.
  3. One in five students feel that most of the time the people they see in advertising are not real people. 

Fight for equality and diversity

If you're struggling to connect to the student audience and want to play a part in the fight for equality and diversity, then this whitepaper is for you. Inside, you'll discover the students' perspectives on modern branding and which sector they think represents them best. You'll be guided on how to foster positive brand awareness through tackling a lack of representation, all powered by insights from the students themselves.