By attending an Open House students are 60% more likely to convert and consider your institution when deciding their final place of study.

The open house is a chance for you to showcase your institution and create a personalized experience for your applicants, parents and lecturers. So, how can you create those connections virtually? Gen-Z spend the majority of their day online, so by harnessing the power of the internet (reviews, social media and cross-channel strategies) you can really leverage how you're perceived by your students. 

This virtual on-demand session provides you with the understanding you need of your Gen-Z audience to make sure your connections hit the right spot. We show you what works, based on our research into your student audience, so you can create a virtual open house that resonates with your students.

Watch on-demand now.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Innovation at open houses
  • How to harness student reviews for advertising
  • The power of student-generated content on social media 
  • Omnichannel approach 
  • Data capture and lead nurture