Using Conscious Advertising to Communicate Your Brand Values

Oliver Mott, Head of Social Media, Starling Bank
Tom Setter, Advertising Director
Nick Willmer, Head of Education

Institutions and organisations can no longer simply sell a product or experience. They need to sell a connection, lifestyle, value, too, in order to engage with their audience.  Digital challenger and Gen Z favourite Starling Bank, and ethical advertising advocate Tom, sit down to unpick what it means to be a modern brand that stands up to be counted in the eyes of students.

Here's what university leaders had to say about the event:

“Great events, and as always, some great takeaways."
Oxford Brookes University
Head of Marketing
“Think Student events and insights have transformed the way we prepared our campaigns.”
UK Post-92 University
Marketing Director
“This event is unmissable.”
University of Greenwich
Director of International Students