Need help with brand management?

Managing a brand is a thrilling challenge for all strategic marketers, but if your brand is an education or training institution, do you know what impact it has on your recruitment? Your research funding? Or your business relationships? How much of your institution’s success is tied to the brand you portray to the world? And how much effect can you have, really?

If you’re a Marketing Director or Brand Manager at a university, college or training institution who wants to truly understand how to effectively manage your brand, and where best you can make an investment to have an impact on your bottom line, then this fireside chat with the student and brand experts is for you. Sign up and watch on-demand now with Director of Advertising Tom Setter, Senior Strategic Consultant Holly Cartridge, and Kas Nicholls, Director of Research and Audience Understanding.

In the hour we'll cover:

  • The big difference between university and consumer brands.
  • The role that brand equity has in students’ decision-making.
  • How do rankings affect brand perceptions? And is this different in different markets?
  • Where you can invest, to make an impact.