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Jenni Parsons, Insights Director, Uniquest
Holly Cartlidge, Education Consultant
Alex Calder, Product Director
Anastasia Macnaghten, Lead Account Planner

Time and time again ‘tracking marketing spend to enrolment’ is the number one challenge shared by marketing professionals in the education sector.

In this session, Alex and Holly reveal how to optimise your marketing strategy towards the channels that are generating the most applications, making every pound of your budget count, and how to truly attribute ROI back to the very first touchpoint.

Here's what university leaders had to say about the event:

“Great events, and as always, some great takeaways."
Oxford Brookes University
Head of Marketing
“Think Student events and insights have transformed the way we prepared our campaigns.”
UK Post-92 University
Marketing Director
“This event is unmissable.”
University of Greenwich
Director of International Students