Overwhelmed? Stressed? Do you recognise the signs when you need support? When others need support?

Mental health is something to be aware of at this challenging time in Higher Education. We invite you to join us to discuss how colleagues are feeling at this time, reflect on our own experiences of stress and share with you some tips that you could take away from the session that we hope will help you now and in the coming months. You are not alone!

We're joined by experts Charlene Allen, Dr Jessica Price (a Psychologist, Coach, Lecturer and Diversity Specialist) and Sirin Myles (an International Higher Education Specialist and Coach) to discuss all things mental health and wellbeing.

In the session, we discuss:

  • Working through some of the issues people are facing 
  • Highlighting the most difficult areas of mental health for managers and leaders to respond to at this present moment
  • The importance of communication with your team