In our recent on-demand webinar, Jennifer, our VP of Sales & Partnerships, and Jason, our Product Success Director, paint a picture of how higher education marketers can leverage a two-way Slate Integration with Akero to bridge the gap between admissions and marketing teams.

The problem:

The problem is this: For many universities, the marketing team holds the majority of budget and control for different campaigns they are running. They are focused on leads, but strictly as numbers coming in. They also typically don’t have access to Slate and the direct enrollment results, so they don’t know what happens to those leads when they come in. That information belongs to the admissions team. The result can be messy; marketing teams and admissions teams may end up using a huge amount of resources and tools to achieve the most visibility and connection between teams. Jason, our Product Success Director, explains this phenomenon well:

“I think all of us can relate in some form or fashion. Maybe you have been trying to figure out how to do market studies, and sometimes you’ve been doing it independently. You’ve got slideshows, or you’re working with another outsource vendor that’s able to provide those services. You’re pulling everything together. You’re looking at Google Analytics. You’re looking at queries and Slate. How does it all come together? It’s usually a patchwork of things.”

Realistically, the goals within many marketing and admissions teams are increasing in the coming years, but for many, the budget isn’t. There’s an increased need to generate more leads, but also brand awareness, breaking into markets, and establishing yourself. 

There may end up being a disparity in resource allocation for different campaigns, or you’re not able to spend and do the things that you want in order to get the enrollment and the inquiries and the volume to even move through your final. Lack of visibility and advertising performance means you’re not really able to optimize your advertising tactics and recruitment efforts based upon the information you’re able to see. Finally, the numbers you’re seeing are lacking the personalization that they require. It all boils down to a patchwork of data, and mismanagement of time and energy, which results in a huge amount of hours spent trying to pull information together into one report.

The solution:

With Akero, our clients can adopt a two-way Slate integration, which will:

  1. Give you visibility in real time
  2. Reduce the need for admissions to report back to marketing
  3. Show choke points in the funnel by channel, so teams can address the solutions that are going to help overcome the different barriers to enrollment
  4. Marry student journey & full-funnel data to track true cost per enrollment 

Net Natives is a Slate Platinum Preferred partner, an exclusive network of just 11 organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education. By partnering with us using Slate, you will be able to:

  • Use a streamlined Source Format for Akero that can be added to your Slate Instance
  • Quickly set up your Slate account to receive lead information from all of your advertising tactics with minimal configuration
  • Benefit from pre-configured file layouts for file imports and exports
  • Take comfort in our ability to carry out even more advanced testing prior to integrations and product releases to ensure seamless transitions.

Utilizing these tools provided by Net Natives could transform your marketing and admissions team and create unmatched synergy. If you want this to be you, learn more by watching our recent webinar, downloading our corresponding whitepaper, or getting in contact today.